Who Handles Leads After Hours? We can help with this.

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Hey, Zack here from Marketing Beaver. Let’s talk about who’s handling your Leads After hours.

I know that when you’re laying in bed at night at 10pm, you most likely don’t want to talk to potential leads at that time with Google Chat, and Facebook and Instagram and text message, all these options of people being able to contact you. It’s possible that at 10pm, at night, you could be getting incoming leads. They might be asking you questions that you sure you could answer very quickly, and get back to them. But it’s not the best use of your time, should you be sleeping instead of responding?

Why not have automation handle it for you, like a text bot. You can have an automation built that says Text lawn care to this number. And then of course, that lead texts lawn care, and then they get an automated text that says, Hey, how can we help you? Here’s some things that we might need to know before we can build you a quote. So they’re talking to your automation, they’re replying to your automation, saying, Yeah, I have this kind of lawn, I need these kinds of things done. And you can have it built to say, Great, thanks for all that information, we’ll get back to you soon with a quote.

That’s some great automation that keeps the lead warm, instead of just them sending their message or an email. And they’re just hoping that one day you’ll respond. This actually gives them a little more comfort, knowing that they are getting a little more back and forth, and you’re hearing their needs. And you’ll get back to them with a quote soon. It’s all about keeping those warm leads engaged, and moving them through the process. Then when you wake up in the morning, you can see that your automation has already gotten some information from the leads, and you can take it from there. So then of course, you can call or text them and build them that quote that they were asking for at 10, 11, 1 or 8, whenever they sent in the information.

So take a moment today and think about what other ways you could automate this process. So someone is taking care of your business after hours. And of course, we can help you here at Marketing Beaver just let us know and thank you so much for watching and I’ll talk to you soon.

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