Where Did My Google My Business App Go? Access your Google My Business account in no time.

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Hey there, Steven with Marketing Beaver. You probably logged into your Google My Business App and it didn’t work.

So everybody’s been asking us, why isn’t my app working? How do I get access to this. So, they moved it to Google Maps? So you can access your profile through the Google Maps app. And we’ll show you how to do that here in just a second. So let’s get into it. First, you open up your phone and go to the Google Maps app. Don’t make fun of me, we have a ton of unread emails, going for a record here for 400,000.

But anyways, you click on Google Maps. And it will pull up your current location if you hit your account in the upper right. And then you go to your business profiles. Now, you should have just one in here, but since we manage a couple of them, you’re going to have that so you just choose the one that you want. And then now you’re in.

So now this kind of looks a little bit more familiar. So you can go down here to edit your profile, you can go to promote, you can go to customers, you can look at your ads, you can say you can edit your hours, look at your reviews respond to it. If you have any updates, you can go through here, you can add offers, at events, at updates, services, you can control your services, you can control your reviews on here, you can go to photos, you can update and change all your photos, you can change all your about information here to the contact information.

So it’s a little bit trickier to get to. But it still gives you a lot more access to it. So and the best way to kind of keep this updated. So if you’re not posting pictures through here, every single day, go into our app. And I’ll show you here really quickly how you can use a social media poster. And then you can schedule out month-long posts and pictures and anything like that. So we make it easy to post here. So you don’t have to go in here every day. So let’s switch over to that now. Okay, so once you’re in your beaver and come over here to marketing on the left side here, and then it’ll pull up the social planner. And if you already connected all your accounts, great, you’ll see a screen like this, if not, go ahead and click on those accounts and log in. But you can see we have Google My Business here, we have Facebook here, we have Instagram here, we have LinkedIn here.

So all of this stuff kind of controls the posting once you’re logged in, you can schedule it out as much as you want, and you can post on different platforms. So we’re going to show you here if you want to create a new post to come into here. And let’s say we want to post to the Google business profile, you can post to all of them. But caution, all the sizes are different. So it’ll appear a little funky if you check all of them at once. So you might want to do the same post, just reformat either a video or photo for the type of platform that you’re looking for. So we’re gonna do that. Let’s select a picture here. We’ll use our beaver to take a picture looks good. And so we can say check our new product photography.

The nice saying is it spell check in click that boom. And then you can have a hashtag beaver hashtag that looks like a canon. And then what you can do here as you go to choose your call to action. So if you wanted a call to action or an offer, let’s leave it on call to action, we can call and select that call button. You can either save it for later you can post it you can schedule the post. But then when you hit this, it goes live so and then any responses that you get.

Once these accounts were connected up, they’ll come into the conversation tab. So the nice thing about this is you only have to have one account to kind of manage all of the different social media platforms that are out there. So and it keeps all the customer data in one spot. So you’re not Silo-ing out all the information and it’s very easy to access. So hopefully this helps.


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