What Is The Marketing Beaver App?

Marketing Beaver website talking about their Marketing Beaver App available to download

Hey, Zack here from Marketing Beaver. Today let’s talk about the Marketing Beaver app.

The Marketing Beaver app is a powerful tool. Before we get started, to access the app, go to app.marketingbeaver.com on a desktop computer, and then you can log in from there. Or you can always download it in the Google Play, or the App Store.

Okay, now that you’re all logged in and ready to go, let’s dive into this app. Down the side, you’ll see that there are many different tabs available. I’m just gonna run through what I think are some important key elements of the app, and of course, there’s so much more that you can do with it. You can always learn more in the “How To” tab. It’s located towards the bottom of the app menu. We have tons of videos that talk about every part of the app from the beginning all the way to the advanced things inside the Marketing Beaver app.

You may have noticed the Conversations tab, the Conversations tab pulls in your text messages, your Facebook chat, your Instagram chat, web chat, Google Chat, all into one section of the Marketing Beaver app. So then, you can manage all those conversations without having to have 17 tabs open on your computer, just to keep up with all these incoming leads and conversations you’re having.

Right under that is the Calendar tab and that can integrate with your Google calendar right away. You can see what’s on your schedule, and of course, schedule meetings or anything that you need on your calendar right there in the Marketing Beaver app. Plus, we have a built in CRM, which helps you manage your sales process and funnels. So you can really work those leads down from coming in off the website to scheduling appointments to becoming a patient or client right there in the CRM of the mark and beaver app.

Inside the app, you’ll also find a social planner. This will help you schedule posts for all your social medias like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and of course, Google My Business, which is a very important one for your business. What I love about the social planner is that if you have someone managing your social media, you don’t need to give them 20 different passwords for all the social medias, you just give them the login for the Marketing Beaver app. And then they can go in there and they can schedule and create all the posts right there inside the app.

Of course, inside the Marketing Beaver app, people love to use our email designer, so you can design your emails and schedule and send them out in a blast right in the Marketing Beaver app. And of course, we have all of our automation tools available in the app. So you can build workflows that help you as simple as maybe when someone fills out a contact form on your website, they automatically get a text message that says thank you for filling out the form we’ll be contacting soon.

Do more detailed automation like a whole onboarding process or day one, they get the forms they need to fill out. Day two, they get your contact card, day three, they get a video that’s a video testimonial of other clients and what they’ve said about your business, you get pretty detailed with these automations and of course, we’re here to help build those automations. Also, you can always refer back to the How To videos. They can help you work through stuff. If you’re more of a do it yourselfer. You can store all of your contacts inside the Marketing Beaver app, and we don’t charge per contact. So yeah, upload your whole list. don’t upload just 1999 to try stay under some amount. You can offload the entire list and not have to worry about it.

Here’s where you can really classify your contacts and begin to address customers by specific interests. So then if you want to send an email just to leads or just to current clients, you can do that in the Marketing Bever app. There’s tons of wonderful tools inside of the Marketing Beaver app, and I cannot wait to see what you build. Of course you can message me if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me or the rest of the Marketing Beaver team. Thank you so much. And I hope you found this video helpful. And I’ll talk to you soon