Upgrade Or Start Your Onboarding Process

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Hey, Zack here from marketing beaver. And let’s talk about your onboarding process. What does that
look like currently? What does that look like when a customer signs up for your service today? Is that
just an automated email that says, hey, thank you so much for signing up? Maybe it includes a good way
to contact you when maybe what the next steps are. Does it include a text message that says, hey,
you rock, we sent you an email that tells you what the next steps are? Maybe it’s as simple as that,
right? They get it day one, automate tasks and automate email. But like, what next? What happens next
with those clients? Do you have a follow-up process for seven days later? Two weeks later? One month
later? Do you have forms that they need to fill out? Maybe that’s something you could add to your
onboarding process. So take a moment today and think about your automated onboard process. Is it
just one simple day? And how can we add to that? How can we make it more creative and also more
helpful for you? Because I know you’re wearing so many hats right now. So how can we help you not
have to do so many of these day-to-day tasks and get buried working in your business and still have on
your business? Maybe you add to the process, right? Maybe two weeks in three weeks? And you say,
Hey, thank you so much. I’ve been having a great time working with you. Could you refer a friend?
Great. Now your onboarding process is actually bringing you more leads? What are some creative
ways that we can upgrade your onboarding process today? Of course, we can help you with all this
here at marketing Beaver, feel free to reach out and I’ll talk to you soon.