Text Message Marketing With Marketing Beaver

text message marketing with marketing beaver


Hey, Zack here from Marketing Beaver. Let’s talk about Text Message Marketing.

We all know, the classic text message marketing blast. “Hey, fire sale, everything is 50% off on Tuesday”, right? Like we all have gotten those. But let’s talk about some other angles that are not so common and I would love to see these integrated more into businesses. The one thing that always comes to mind is actually a client we worked with. And they had a family emergency, right? So they had to be closed early that day. And we decided, You know what, let’s send out a blast text. Because we all know as business owners, it’s not as simple as just locking the doors and walking away right like it, it definitely is more to it, you might have to post on social media, send it out to your email list. Change the voicemail of your business. Yeah, there are many different steps to make sure that people understand why you’re not open.

Because we can all watch the security camera footage of someone coming in pounding on the door or trying to get in or calling us multiple times. And it can be rough. So we went with a text message, we blast it out to everyone, hey, we’re closing early today family emergency, and that truly cut down on the phone calls and upset customers coming to the business realizing that they drove 20 minutes, and it wasn’t open. And this is just a simple way to communicate with your community. I think we should just integrate text messaging more into our conversations with our potential clients or customers. Really, because I personally love text messaging over a phone call because a text message I can reply back if I need to when I can. But with a phone call, you are interrupting exactly what I’m doing at that moment. Okay, so we’ve talked about the fire sale, we’ve talked about communicating more with our potential customers and building that relationship.

Let’s talk about one that I don’t see as much and I would love to. And that was just putting text messaging in your follow-up process. Right here at marketing Beaver, you can use our software to build automation. And we can help you of course, build automation for your follow-up. It’s so interesting to see how much business can be created by a simple text message like, Hey, are you still interested? It might take that lead that you thought was cold and start a conversation again and bring them back. It can be as simple as that, that you build automation that they get the email, and then maybe five days later, you send a text message that says hey, you still interested let me know if you have any questions, something simple like that, that feels personal. And maybe they reply right back to that text message. And in the marketing beaver software, you can have that conversation in the Conversations tab. Sure, that’s one way or maybe they call you the next day or they schedule an appointment on your website, all because of that text message. So take some time this week and think about what are some ways that you could automate these daily tasks. And then let us know and I would love to help you automate some simple tasks and those follow-up processes and dust off those old leads. I’m truly excited to see what we build. Thank you so much for watching. I’ve been Zack and I’ve been loving making these videos and the feedback has been wonderful. I cannot wait to talk to you soon.


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