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Tekmetric and Marketing Beaver Integration

In today’s digital age, marketing, and software integration have become essential to business success. One such integration that has gained a lot of attention recently is the integration of Tekmetric software with Marketing Beaver’s platform.

Tekmetric Software is a leading provider of auto repair shop management software. It offers a comprehensive set of features, including customer management, appointment scheduling, inventory management, and invoicing, among others. On the other hand, Marketing Beaver’s software is a digital marketing platform that helps businesses automate their marketing campaigns and reach their target audience through various channels and helps automate the backend process of the business to improve the after-transaction experience and increase reviews.


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Use Case: Lake City Auto

Lake City Auto Care Hayden


Lake City Auto, an award-winning vehicle repair shop in town, has been making waves online with its remarkable success in increasing its Google reviews by a staggering 400% in just three months. The secret to their achievement? The innovative Beaver app, is an invaluable tool for seamlessly sending photos directly to customers while their skilled service technicians work on their vehicles.

The Marketing Beaver app has revolutionized Lake City Auto’s approach to online reputation management. By leveraging the power of automation, they have been able to streamline the process of collecting and managing reviews, resulting in a substantial boost in positive feedback from satisfied customers. This remarkable growth in their online reviews has not only bolstered their credibility and reputation, but has also translated into increased customer trust, higher search rankings, and ultimately, more business for the shop. Lake City Auto’s success story is a testament to the transformative impact of leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance online reputation management and drive tangible results.

But the benefits of the Marketing Beaver app don’t stop there. It has also proven to be a game-changing solution for Lake City Auto in reducing labor costs and boosting customer engagement through the power of text messaging. By adopting a strategic approach to text messaging, Lake City Auto has revolutionized its communication with customers, resulting in significant cost savings on labor. The app automates reminders, service updates, and promotional offers through text messages, minimizing the need for labor-intensive phone calls or repetitive tasks. Moreover, the convenience and immediacy of text messaging have led to higher customer engagement, with increased response rates and quicker resolution of inquiries.

The result? Lake City Auto has not only streamlined its operations, but has also enhanced customer satisfaction, loyalty, and repeat business. The efficient use of text messaging through the Marketing Beaver app has proven to be a win-win strategy, delivering tangible benefits to their bottom line and customer relationships alike.

One of the key advantages of working with Marketing Beaver and Tekmetric is the live support via a private Slack channel and they are locally owned small businesses. Additionally, automation based on ro’s allows for flexibility and customization in automated text and email campaigns based on repair totals, new customers, declined work, and more. The app is accessible on both mobile and desktop platforms, making it convenient for Lake City Auto’s staff to manage their communication with customers from anywhere. The ability to view all shop messages in one dashboard and add staff user profiles with limited access per location adds another layer of ease and efficiency to their operations.

The real-time communication with texting and photos has been particularly beneficial for Lake City Auto’s advisors. They can easily communicate with customers, send photos of the repair process, and provide updates in real-time, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and trust.

In conclusion, Lake City Auto’s success in leveraging the Marketing Beaver app with Tekmetric has been truly transformative. Not only has it helped them skyrocket their Google reviews, but it has also reduced labor costs, enhanced customer engagement, and streamlined their operations. The ease of use, robust features, and real-time communication capabilities of the app have made it an invaluable tool for Lake City Auto, positioning them as a leader in their industry and driving tangible results for their business.

The integration of Tekmetric and Marketing Beaver’s software enables auto repair shops to streamline their marketing efforts and reach their customers more effectively. Here are some of the ways in which this integration can benefit auto repair shops:

  1. Automated Marketing Campaigns: With the integration of Tekmetric and Marketing Beaver’s software, auto repair shops can automate their marketing campaigns. They can create targeted email campaigns based on customer data such as past purchases, appointment history, and service records. This helps shops to stay in touch with their customers, promote their services, and drive more sales.
  2. Improved Customer Engagement: The integration of Tekmetric and Marketing Beaver’s software allows auto repair shops to engage with their customers more effectively. Shops can send automated reminders for service appointments, follow-up emails after services, and personalized messages on special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. This helps to build a stronger relationship with customers, improve customer satisfaction, and increase customer loyalty. Shops can even schedule posts on their social media channels (Instagram, Google Business Profile, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin) they can complete a month’s worth of marketing in one day.
  3. Enhanced Analytics: Integrating Tekmetric and Marketing Beaver’s software provides auto repair shops with enhanced analytics capabilities. Shops can track the performance of their marketing campaigns, measure customer engagement, and identify opportunities for improvement. This helps to optimize marketing efforts, improve ROI, and make data-driven decisions.

Overall, the integration of Tekmetric and Marketing Beaver’s software is a powerful tool for auto repair shops to streamline their marketing efforts and improve customer engagement. By leveraging the capabilities of both platforms, shops can create targeted marketing campaigns, improve customer relationships, and drive more sales. Click below to schedule a time to talk

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