Stop Struggling With Social Media

Marketing Beaver Social Media Planner

Today let’s talk about social media and social media scheduling. I
know running a business can be hectic. And then you have to remember how to log in and post on
Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google My Business. And, you know, just stay current with all these
platforms and how they work. It’s just it’s so much work and time here at marketing Beaver,
we want to make it a little bit easier on you with social media. So we have the social media scheduler
inside the marketing beaver app.

With this option, you can actually schedule for Facebook, Instagram, linked in Google My Business, is one a lot of people forget about. And so important to grow, your Google My Business, we have many blogs and videos about why that’s important. But
yeah, so in there, you can schedule those, and you can actually schedule the exact day and time you’d
like those to go out. Not only that, but let’s take it a step further, you might have a social media manager.
And I know it’s hard to remember all of those passwords for all those social media.

Well, if you connect all those social media to the Marketing Beaver app, you only have to give them one
login, you could create a login for the marketing Beaver app, and then they can go in there and they
can post on all those social media. So no longer have to remember those passwords or reset them at
any time, you know, all the struggles of trying to keep up with the different apps, you can actually
log into the market mover app and then post from there. And of course, they can go in and post, and
then you can review it later you can go in and see what they have posted and what they have
scheduled. And kind of keep up with what’s happening on the social media side of your business in the
marketing beaver app. I hope you found this video helpful.