Insurance Agents Agree

Automation Has Become A Necessity

Grow your client base with an easy to use platform that increases profit and reduces labor.

Helping Coffee Shops Scale and Build Consistent Sales

Save Hours On Follow Ups And Grow Sales.

  • Replace all of your solutions that are being duct-taped together. Cancel all of those monthly fee software programs you are not using.  Manage it all from your phone. 
I used to spend a lot of hours and money trying to manage all my marketing and nothing would get done until now.
Nick Byrd
Roots Coffee Kitchen

Customers want an extraordinary experience they’ll love.

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Integrate Your POS with 3000+ Apps To Reward Your Customers

Now you can handle all of your customer’s messages. You no longer need to jump between many applications.  Instead, Marketing Beaver collects your customers from any transactions that you do with them on Square and then sends them deals/promotions.

Reward Your Best Customers

Personalized Birthday Promos

Quick Reorder For Wholesale Clients

Custom Checkout Messages

All your messaging in one spot for you to keep communication simple.

Now, you don’t need to jump between apps when people ask questions. You can answer on Facebook Messenger or Instagram chat or Google My Business all from one app!

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Google Reviews

Boost Your Google Reviews

Want to bump up those Google reviews? Send a quick link to them automatically. New reviews on Google with higher ratings bring in new customers and boost your search ranking.

Make Your Wholesale Accounts Easy To Manage

Imagine sending weekly blast messages to all your wholesale accounts at once. What if they text orders to you so you can fulfill orders quickly.  

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