How To Quickly Respond To Customers And Win

Get Customers Quickly - Marketing Beaver


Hey, Zack here from marketing beaver. And let’s talk about the quick response option inside the marketing beaver app. Let’s use an example. Let’s say that you have a leaky pipe in your house. And maybe you’re called some plumbers near you, right? You go to Google and you type in plumbers near you. And Google gives you an entire list of plumbers to call. Right? So you start calling down that list until someone answers. You start with plumber, number one, plumber number two, and you’re just businesses. So that’s where the quick response in the marketing lever app comes in handy. You miss that phone call. And immediately, the marketing lever app sends out a text message that says, hey, sorry, I missed your call. How can I help? Or we can customize it to say whatever fits your needs. But let’s say happy to help with something along those lines. And it starts a conversation with that lead. And now they’re texting you about the leaky pipe and you’re learning all about it. And you can see all that in the Conversations tab inside the marketing beaver app, and then you don’t lose that lead. You would have lost them forever because they’re just working their way down plumber numbers four and five. At no point are they thinking Let me call plumber number one again, and see if they’re available now. But with a quick text message, you can pull them back in. And just another great option inside of the marketing beaver app. Let us know if this is something you would like turned on. And of course, we can customize it. Just let us know. And thank you so much for watching, and I’ll talk to you soon