How Do You Organize Potential Leads and Current Customers?

Tagging customers for future marketing

Today let’s talk about tags inside the marketing beaver app.
Now you may know that it’s a great way to categorize a lead or customer. And then, of course, you can send an email or a text message blast to those people. So everyone tagged as a lead, you could send an email or text message to everyone tagged as a customer, you can send an email, text message to, and of course, build automation to follow up with those tags, of course, but let’s actually dive a little bit deeper. And take it one step further than just something as simplistic as that. I want you to think about tags as a future marketing opportunity.

Let’s say you own a coffee shop, and you have customers coming in and you’re collecting the emails and their phone numbers. So you’re doing a great job to be able to reach back out to him. And you’re talking to one of these customers, and they say, man, if you started offering baked goods, I would come every morning for a delicious muffin. I’d be here every day. Okay, so why don’t you tag them in the marketing beaver app as baked goods? So now you got all these people coming in. And they’re saying if you offered scones, muffins, baked goods, we would buy. And you’re just building this up in the marketing lever app, and you’re tagging all these people as baked goods. And then finally, the day has come, you pulled the trigger, and you said, You know what, I’m going to do it. I’m going to offer baked goods, you get a deal with a local bakery. And then you have the opportunity to email or text message all these people and say,

Hey, we’re doing it, we’re offering baked goods, boom, you reached out to all of them.

They’re all coming in, they’re buying those muffins, and they’re flying off the shelves, that was all possible because you looked at it as a marketing opportunity instead of just a tag. And of course, this works for all kinds of businesses. So you know, you’re talking to your customers, and they say, if you offered XYZ service we would buy. So you’re always having this communication with them. And then you’re tagging them as a future marketing opportunity. And then when you offer that service, there’s a way to reach back out to them. So take a moment today and think about tags in a slightly different way. And what is a way that you could apply this to your business? Let us know if you have any questions of course you can reach out to us and I look forward to talking to you soon.