How Direct Primary Care Doctors Are Using Marketing Beaver

Marketing DPC Practices

As a physician who works in Direct Primary Care (DPC), all you can hope for is a schedule full of patients whose lives you can change. When it comes to seeking incoming patients and managing established patients, the hassle of the marketing efforts and data management can take away from what you do best. Utilizing Marketing Beaver is an affordable strategy to reach your potential patients and maintain communication.

Marketing Beaver is an all-in-one software and marketing company that allows DPC doctors to organize all their current and potential patients. Here are 3 ways primary care doctors utilize Marketing Beaver in their office:

  1. Easy-To-Understand Technology Helps Doctors Organize Communication

Communicating with established and potential patients is necessary to maintain business. Although this can be challenging, Marketing Beaver allows DPC doctors to manage their patients by holding all their leads in a secure application outside of their established EMR system. We even have integrations built with Hint that allows seamless patient updates so all your data is in one place. Imagine having all the contacts you have ever run across in one place.

The Beaver app can be utilized for all messaging communication with the patient, including texting, phone, and email, allowing doctors to remain organized without juggling too many applications. The simplicity of this technology is one of Marketing Beaver’s most attractive qualities because it empowers physicians to focus on their patients without the additional stress of managing marketing and communication.

  1. Marketing And Re-Marketing to Potential Patients

Family care doctors often require marketing to reach potential patients, and Marketing Beaver makes this process easy. Marketing Beaver completes a thorough marketing campaign through the integration of different outreach strategies, and throughout the process, the status of potential leads is updated within the application.

The combination of text message marketing and email marketing allows for greater outreach to patients. You have the ability to build marketing sequences that run automatically so you can build them once and run forever. The results of marketing efforts are automatically recorded within the application in a simple format, so doctors can easily analyze the marketing efforts to optimize their strategy.

  1. Automatically Follow-Up with Patients to Increase Reviews

Establishing a positive digital reputation on Google is an important aspect of reaching and maintaining patients and this factor is heavily influenced by patient reviews. Asking patients to leave a review is easy with Market Beaver, as the software automatically sends review links to all active patients. This allows physicians to step back from the awkward conversation of asking for a review while achieving the same results.

When a practice receives more reviews on Google, there is an increase in the visibility and traction in the Google search engine, ultimately allowing their website to reach more potential patients. This reputation management is simple with the Beaver app, simultaneously allowing DPC practices to increase the number of incoming patients and improve its reputation.

 Making your practice known to potential patients can be a challenge for DPC doctors who are already busy managing their practice. If you are looking for assistance with the marketing and data management of your practice that is both affordable and user-friendly, Marketing Beaver can be the perfect tool to help you make a difference in your community.

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