Direct Primary Care Doctors Agree

Automation Has Become A Necessity

Grow and maintain your patients with an easy to use platform that increases profit and reduces labor.

Marketing Your Practice
Isn't Easy

There isn’t just enough time in the day! Between seeing patients, following up, doing paperwork, and managing your team, you have to grow your practice!

Don’t Worry! We Do EVERYTHING For You!

Marketing Beaver takes that weight off your shoulders of keeping in constant contact. It lets you be the doctor you would like to be, creates a stronger bond with your current patients, and saves time and money.

I used to spend a lot of hours and money trying to manage all my marketing and nothing would get done until now.
Dr. Jenna
North Idaho DPC

Actively communicate with patients

Integrate your websites with 3000+ Apps To Connect With Your Patients

With today’s many software choices, it’s hard to get them to all talk to each other. We integrate with EMR/EHR so it cuts your data entry time in half. Simplify your business and make sure the data gets to the proper places. 

Reward Your Best Patients

Personalized Birthday Promos

Respond To Requests With AI

Custom Text Messages

All your messaging in one spot for you to keep communication simple

No more jumping between applications! Handle all communications—Facebook Messenger, IG Chat, Google My Business, Texting, and more—through our time-saving software.

Google Reviews

Boost Your Google Reviews

Want to bump up those Google reviews? Send a quick link to them automatically. New reviews on Google with higher ratings bring in new customers and boost your search ranking.

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This is the MOST important part of your practice. If your website can’t capture data and is fast you won’t get customers or get ranked on Google. We constantly update our design for the best performance possible.

Understanding the data about your practice is very important. This also helps us understand what we are doing and how we can adjust. 

There are a bunch of websites but very few are ranked.  Google only ranks websites with top performing content and speed. This is important to drive the most amount of traffic we can. 

Every market is different we research the best keywords people are searching for and use them in content and ad deployment. 

Use only one app to manage all your communication, Google Chat, Text Messaging, Web Chat, Phone Calls, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram all in one place.

Next to your website this is the most important page you have to maintain. We help manage and produce content for this page. The more you interact with Google the higher you will rank.

People don’t want to jump through hoops to give you their info. We make it quick and easy. 

If you change your mattress more than you send your customers emails your missing out on referrals and strengthening patient relationships. It is less expensive to keep your patients than to find new ones.

This gets your patients instant information and has the highest opening rate out of any other line of communication. This also works great for automating your practice.

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Beaver Marketing

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Get Everything In The Beaver Bundle Plus

Anyone can make a pretty ad but this isn’t always the best ad. We launch multiple ad’s at one time that match your branding and we learn from data on what works best for your practice.

Every day we help DPC’s convert Facebook audiences into phone calls and web traffic. We can tell you exactly how many phone calls and leads you get every single day. (Ad spend is not included in the monthly cost)

This is where you find the small business you want to talk to . We design and deploy ads to get you infront of local small businesses. (Ad spend is not included in the monthly fee)

Google is the biggest searched platform. You have to be on this to be seen. Your patients are not searching Instagram or Tiktok for DPC doctors. They are looking for doctors on Google.

With 5 billion views on Youtube every day, it is a great place to be seen and heard. Youtube is considered the second largest search engine, they could be searching for your practice right now. We will help them find you. (Ad spend is not included in the monthly cost)

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