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Automation Has Become A Necessity


Marketing Your Practice Isn't Easy
Let an experienced team help you with DPC marketing!

There isn’t just enough time in the day! Between seeing patients, following up, doing paperwork, and managing your team, you have to grow your practice and find new patients!

Don’t Worry! We Do EVERYTHING For You!

Marketing Beaver takes that weight off your shoulders of keeping in constant contact. It lets you be the doctor you would like to be, creates a stronger bond with your current patients, and saves time and money. 


I used to spend a lot of hours and money trying to manage all my marketing and nothing would get done until now.
Dr. Jenna
North Idaho DPC

Actively Communicate With Patients

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We Collaborate With The Best Companies Used By DPCs

We work hard to make remarketing to potential patients easy. When tracking leads, we realized using your EMR is not the way to do it. Our Beaver App is a tool that makes it easy to hold all of your leads in an organized and secure place. We work and integrate with the top EMR’s in the DPC space to give you the best experience.

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Integrate your websites with 3000+ Apps To Connect With Your Patients

With today’s many software choices, it’s hard to get them to all talk to each other. You leave valuable data all over the place with no time to follow up with your leads. We integrate with many different software platforms so it cuts your data entry time in half or eliminates it. Simplify your business and make sure the data gets to the proper places. 

Grow Your Google Reviews

Personalized Birthday Promos

Respond To Requests With AI

Custom Text Messages

All your messaging in one spot for you to keep communication simple

No more jumping between applications! Handle all communications in one place—Facebook Messenger, IG Chat, Google My Business, Texting, and more—through our time-saving software. Heck even schedule your whole month of marketing to Google My Business, Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Boost Your Google Reviews

Want to bump up those Google reviews? Send a quick link to them automatically. New reviews on Google with higher ratings bring in new customers and boost your search ranking.