Helping Coffee Shops Scale Though Subscriptions

Build Consistent Sales Through a Coffee Subscription

Helping Coffee Shops Scale and Build Consistent Sales

Marketing to repeat customers is

300 percent more effective

Let us remarket to existing customers for you! Not only are your repeat customers purchasing more over time than new customers, they likely trust you enough to purchase your more expensive products or a coffee subscription

I used to spend a lot of hours and money trying to manage all my marketing and nothing would get done until now.
Nick Byrd
Roots Coffee Kitchen
Panera Coffee

Mind Blowing Numbers

In February 2020 Panera launched its $9.99 unlimited coffee subscription, today they have over 500,000 monthly active subscribers, that’s $4,500,000 per month on the first day of every month. Click to read more They understand the power of subscriptions, do you?


All This For Our Basic Membership

Not only do you get a website makeover, you get our app with the most advanced technology to help you grow your business. You also get a direct line via Slack to our team to always give you ideas and help with any questions you have. Promote your Coffee Shop.

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Organize And Advertise To Your Customers With The Beaver App

Handle all of your reoccuring subscriptions as well as sending promo texts, messages, and email blasts with one application. This makes an extremely personalized marketing strategy your customers will love.

Reward Your Loyal Customers

Personalized Birthday Promos

Quick Reorder For Wholesale Clients

Custom Subscription Texts

All In One Spot

Now, you don’t need to jump between apps when people ask questions. You can answer on Facebook Messenger or Instagram chat or Google Chat all from one app!

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Google Reviews

Boost Your Google Reviews

Want to bump up those Google reviews? With our app you can send a quick link to them automatically. New reviews on Google with higher ratings bring in new customers and boost your search ranking.

Make Your Wholesale Accounts Easy To Manage

Imagine sending weekly blast messages to all your wholesale accounts at once. Imagine them texting you orders! 

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