You know it’s true, you’re using too many sites to generate leads.

That’s Why We Have One System To Handle Everything

Capture More Leads

Organize and quickly gather more contacts into your database. No more using excel or google sheets, we store that cleanly for you.

Convert Clients

Engage with more prospects and send targeted messaging giving that personalized touch, all without sacrificing time.

Capture More Referrals

Reputation is HUGE! Manage all your reviews in one spot and collect the insights on what people love most!

How Valuable Is Your Time?

The Beaver Bundle app follows up automatically with customers so you can focus on your business and get to things you love.

Was $199.99 Per Month Now $99.99 Per Month 

For A Short Time Only

Whether you’re communicating via text, phone, email, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram, we have a platform that ties everything together all in one easy to use panel. You’ll be able to quickly respond to everything without having 3 or more tabs open.

Automatic Follow Up Sequences

How many leads do you miss, or follow up’s that were never followed up on? Don’t worry about following up with customers anymore, once we put the proper systems in place you will be able to market like a champ, while doing what you do best. Let the Beaver Bundle system do all the work for you. Your customers will appreciate it.

Capture All Your Contacts From Everywhere

Does your current system combine website chat, Facebook messenger, Google Chat, phone calls, text messaging and email all into one dashboard? Does your app to allow you to quickly communicate without having to fumble through several webpages? What about an auto response if you happen to miss the message? With us, you’ll have all this at your finger tips.

Reputation Management

How many times do you ask your customers for reviews or referrals? Wouldn’t it be nice to send them a direct link with a click of a button? With our system customers will get a direct link to their phones or email. You’ll also be able to see all the responses from various platforms in one place. They love you, let them show it.

Email Marketing

No more expensive programs that charge you per contact. Send as many emails as you want. This is the easiest way and most cost effective to communicate with your customers.

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