5 Things DPC Practices Should Never Do….

Marketing Tips for my DPC Practice

Five things that your DPC should never do. 

Hi, I’m Zack, and this is DPC practice marketing tips.

Let’s get right into it.

Number one 
Your Google My Business or Google profile, or whatever Google is calling it today. Is it up to date, it’s as simple as that is the address correct? Is the phone number correct? This all affects your ranking and visibility, you know, having the right link to your website. And then also, I don’t know if you know this, but if you post on Google My Business, often, they reward you, they actually help you rank a little bit higher in the searches as you continue to post. So I always say when you’re making a Instagram post or a Facebook post, and you’re probably using something like Canva, just create the right size for Google My Business and post in there, too.
Number two is social media 
You know, we all travel and we go out to eat, and we want to look up the new restaurant or whatever it is in the area, right? We want to find something to eat. And so we actually go to maybe Google and then we start looking at restaurants. And maybe we get onto their Instagram. And then we see they haven’t posted since 2017. And we think okay, maybe they’re not open today, or in the last year even. So, don’t let your social media be a ghost town. But also focus on the social media that you want to be on, you know, maybe post on Facebook, maybe post on Instagram, maybe put your all your energy into TikTok
Just make sure that whatever social media, you pick, you’re actually continuing to post, so people know you’re still around, and you’re still alive and still doing business. Because you’d be surprised how many times I’ve looked up a restaurant or somewhere I wanted to visit, and I see that their Instagram hasn’t been posted. I don’t know, I don’t know if I’m gonna drive that 1015 20 minutes to that place.
Number three, 
not having an automated follow-up process. Yeah, those leads that called you two months ago, and we’re kind of interested but wanted to learn more about it. Yeah, have you talked to them? When’s the last time you reached out, you know, do you have to blow the dust off of those phone numbers and get a hold of them? You know, it’s hard. Because you’re running a business, you’re wearing many hats. 
Find a process that lets you automate this right? Marketing lever has great options to help you automate, email and text messages and all those types of follow-ups that you might want to have. And really customize it to how you talk or, or how often you want, to send out those emails or text messages. Just find something like that, that can help you because, believe me, it’s hard to stay in front of people. And it’s just so important to fall back up with those leads.
Number four,
Relying on word of mouth, word of mouth can only get you so far. It’s definitely important. It’s part
of the process. You definitely want to get the word out there by going to events, networking, and
getting to know people. But once your friends and family and your community have signed, let’s as they all signed up. Let’s say they all signed up today, then what? Right? You can’t you can’t just rely on that forever. So you need to do something simple. 
I always say DPC should be running Google ads. Because Google, I see it with all the PPC that we work with Google is one of the main places they get their leads, right? So they get their leads from people searching on Google because everyone’s looking for a doctor near me or some kind of term like that in your area. And so get all those leads from Google. And then maybe work on some retargeting ads down the line.
And number five, 
maybe one of the most important ones is not having a website that works for you. Often I go DPCs websites, and there’s no way to sign up. There’s no way to call, there’s no way to have a meet and greet. Like, do you want to meet me? Do you want me to sign up, you should make it easy on your website. So not having a website that works for you could be as simple as that just having a way for people to get in contact with you. That’s not only just through an email, but maybe they prefer calls. Maybe they want to get on a Google meet. 
Work with people to find a process that works for you, but have it easy and available. Right when your website loads right away at the top. There should be ways for me to contact you to either sign up or learn more. And on the backside of that but you know, making sure that your website has the Google and Facebook and TikTok pixels. So then when you are marketing down the line, you can retarget all those people that have been coming to your website and get all of them back into sign-up.
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